Chrysler Tailgate Dent


Chrysler estate tailgate dent repaired using paintless dent removal.  The car dent on this vehicle had penetrated the bodyline (also known as the styling or character line). It had created a protruding lump above the dent which added to the complexity of this car dent repair.  These lumps are a reaction to the impact of the dent and are sometimes referred to as smiles, crowns.

Before any car dent removal is started it is vitally important to asses each car dents characteristics and approach the dent repair in the right way. This consists of correct tool selection, adequate temperature of the metal, body positioning, panel access to the back of the car dent, paintwork quality etc. I had to apply a lot of heat in order to perfect this car dent repair and exercised a lot of patience.  It is very important not to push the metal too hard, too soon.  A good understanding of how the metal reacts to pressure and movement was required and how the car dent must be manipulated correctly in order to achieve the desired outcome.