bumper repair

Professional Bumper Repair

At Dents Inc. we can help you with any bumper repair to your vehicle looking in order to make it look immaculate once again.  Whether you have rubbed against another cars bumper in a supermarket car park or have caught the corner of your vehicle on a gate post, we can help!  Our technicians are highly skilled and can repair your vehicles bumper perfectly using the very latest techniques and technology.  Operating both a mobile service and from premises in Cheshire, we can transform your vehicles bumper damage at your convenience.  All work is quoted in full and agreed upon prior to any work being started, eliminating any worries you may have regarding hidden extras being added once the work has been completed.  We ensure that this is a reliable, professional and customer focused repair service that is fully equipped to take care of all your cars bumper repairs.


                        Bumper Repair          Bumper Repair

Our highly skilled technicians are friendly, honest and always reliable, treating every job on its own merits.  We guarantee to care of your vehicle just as much as you do, and if you are not 100% happy with the level of customer care and service that we offer, you won’t be charged you a penny.