The Specialist Art of Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) – A unique and specialised art form

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a specialised craft requiring many years to perfect. The skill requires a large amount of dedication along with excellent hand to eye co-ordination and intuitive dexterity. This procedure is carried out by accessing the rear of any vehicle panel using specialist tooling, often through the smallest of access points, and manipulating the dent back into shape through the application of hundreds of carefully planned pushes.

The primary skill of this art is to be able to identify where the extremely fine tip of the tool is behind the panel while only being able to view the painted side. Being able to place the tip of the tool to within a fraction of a millimetre of the targeted area is by far the hardest aspect of this demanding skill. A thorough understanding of how light and images reflect upon the painted panel and of how they move and distort during the application of pressure behind, is something that only a small percentage of people throughout the world have truly mastered.

Glue Pulling Technique

Of course not every dented panel is accessible from the rear. In some cases such as the rear wheel arch, roof rail and ‘A’ pillar we can come up against panels that are either ‘double skinned’ or that are a housed within a completely sealed section adding to the cars structural strength. But even in extreme situations such as these, we are still able to provide a dent removal solution by way of applying a specially formulated adhesive resin to the affected area, where we can draw the dent proud and then manipulate back into its true form.

We have been performing ‘Glue Pulling’ for over 12 years and it is an art in itself. This process requires great skill and must only be performed by highly experienced SDR technicians so as not to compromise the paintwork’s original finish.  Added to this, it requires a thorough understanding of how to approach trapped pressure, controlling the panel temperature, correct glue application and precision hammer work. Glue pulling carried out incorrectly by inexperienced technicians will almost certainly result in your vehicle requiring some kind of paintwork correction.