Aluminium Bonnet Repair (Mercedes A180 Bodyline)

This aluminium bonnet repair was one of the repairs that came in this week was on a Mercedes A180.  This vehicles bonnet dent was running through the bodyline.  Contrary to belief, there is no real difference in removing a dent from a cars bodyline (aka: styling line, character line, ridge line) than that of a dent on the flat part of the panel.  In both cases an almost identical repair process must be followed in order to achieve the correct result.

However, that same repair process is made all the more difficult when the panel is aluminium.  The composites of aluminium differ greatly to that of steel and removing dents from this kind of metal can be a complex task.  Aluminium doesn’t dent quite as easily as steel due how pliable the panels are with this metal. They absorb impact much better than their counterpart.  That said, it is because of the pliable nature of aluminium that makes this metal much more difficult to manipulate and massage out dents satisfactorily.

Great care and patience is required when faced with aluminium bonnet repair damage of this nature. Repair time 2 1/2 hours.

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