Car Dent Repair

Car dent repair by Dents inc. specialists in high quality, professional paintless dent removal. We are highly experienced in helping to repairing all types of vehicle dings, dents and creases from your vehicles bodywork. If the paint surface on your car is still perfectly intact we can help you to restore the damage. We take pride in the fact that we are reliable, efficient and produce the highest quality of work.


Car Dent Repair Service

The imperfections on your car’s bodywork can make it look unsightly and considerably reduce the value if you are thinking about selling. It’s worth taking the time to hire a professional to repair and restore the panel professionally because failure to do so can lead to resale value problems and lease company return penalties. A careful and professional job by an experienced dent remover can make all cosmetic dent imperfections invisible.

With Dents inc. we take the hassle out of car dent repair. We provide:

  • Car dent repair
  • Professional and reliable mobile service
  • Plastic bumper repair
  • Aluminium panel repair
  • Hail damage repair
  • Glue pulling repair technique
  • Convenient, cost effective and quick service

Typically a car dent will only take up to an hour to complete and at a fraction of the cost of using a traditional body shop. We carefully asses the damage, and make sure that we carefully massage out the dented area without jeopardising the manufacturer’s panel and paint warranty.


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Whether you have a single car dent requiring removal or multiple dents caused by hail damage that need removing, the work can be done quickly and professionally. We will get your car body back to pristine quality. We go the extra mile to make sure that our service is the best for you.

If you are looking for a professional dent remover to repair your car you should get in touch for a quick quote.

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Dents Inc. are paintless dent repair experts.  Car dents are an increasingly common problem. With busy roads and car parks people miss obstacles in their blind spot, open car doors onto others and take small knocks and bumps. A car dent can affect your vehicles resale value, as well as making your vehicle appear scruffy and old. Paintless dent repair by professionals is cost effective, fast and hassle free. Rather than replacing your vehicles panel or visiting a traditional bodyshop Dents inc. will restore it to pristine condition with our mobile paintless dent repair service, using the best technicians, techniques and tools for the job.


Professional Dent Repair

Dents inc. are specialists in paintless dent repair.  Our service typically takes only an hour on average to complete, saving you time and money when compared to a traditional bodyshop. We can help you with:

  • Painless dent removal
  • Car door dents
  • Shopping trolley dings and creases
  • Bumper dents
  • Professional hail damage repair
  • Large and small dent removal

We will completely remove various degrees of damage caused by dents and creases. What’s more, we are friendly, reliable and take pride in the fact that we provide the best quality service available.


High Quality Paintless Car Dent Repair

We can often provide a paintless car dent repair for less than your insurance excess with rapid high quality results. Body shops will often repair using filler and paint and in some cases replace the whole panel rather than repairing the dented area. Our service repairs the damage and brings the panel back to pristine, original condition. We offer expert paintless dent repair, carried out by fully trained and qualified technicians.

Putting the extra effort into the repair will cost you less than you think and give a much better result, not to mention keep your insurance no claims bonus intact.

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