Brand new Ford Fiesta with a sharp dent running through the rear arch swege/bodyline of the panel. Access to the rear of the panel was restricted in order to perform a tradition PDR repair of massaging out. Because of this a glue pulling dent repair was required.

Using hot glue and specialist nylon pads i carefully drew the dent out from the front of the panel using a number of different extraction techniques along with some careful hammer blending. As one of the photographs shows, the dent only moves a small amount following the first set of pulls.

With this being quite a sharp dent penetrating the bodyline, when we begin to pull the dent, the side walls lift as well as the centre of the dent. What’s required here is some careful hammer blending in order to reduce the high dent sides thus reducing the stress placed on the whole dent.  Over time with this process repeated up to 30 times, we see the centre of the dent lift whilst being able to contain the dent to its original shape and size.

This is a very advanced PDR repair that takes great skill and understanding of what is actually happening within the damaged area. There are all kinds of stresses going on within the metal on a dent such as this and its important that this process is carried out with the utmost care and attention as to not damage the paintwork or worsen the dented area further.

Repair time = 1 hour 10 mins


This 5 series BMW car dent repair in Northwich was one of the most difficult dents I’ve faced over the last 18 years.  Not only was the dented panel aluminium but it ran through a strong and pronounced bodyline and was badly stretched. Using patience, skill and nearly 20 years of experience I managed to bring the panel back into line and save the customer over £1000 in the process.

Whilst time consuming at nearly 3 hours and extremely complex the end result was a delight to the customer.

Chrysler estate tailgate car dent repaired using paintless dent removal.  The car dent on this vehicle had penetrated the bodyline (also known as the styling or character line). It had created a protruding lump above the dent which added to the complexity of this dent repair.  These lumps are a reaction to the impact of the dent and are sometimes referred to as smiles, crowns.

Before any car dent removal is started it is vitally important to asses each dents characteristics and approach the dent repair in the right way. This consists of correct tool selection, adequate temperature of the metal, body positioning, panel access to the back of the car dent, paintwork quality etc. I had to apply a lot of heat in order to perfect this dent repair and exercised a lot of patience.  It is very important not to push the metal too hard, too soon.  A good understanding of how the metal reacts to pressure and movement was required and how the dent must be manipulated correctly in order to achieve the desired outcome.


When this Jaguar bonnet dent arrived with me today I realised my error immediately.  I’d originally quoted and arranged the repair over the telephone and failed to remember that this particular vehicles bonnet opens the opposite way to most.  Normally, not so much of a problem, but in the position this dent was located it caused me some problems.  Added to this the dent was very slightly stretched (which is very rare contrary to belief about most dents), it was aluminium and to make matters more difficult it was trapped underneath the underside of the bonnets bracing.

2016-03-03 14.17.00     2016-03-03 14.16.46


2016-03-03 14.16.55     2016-03-03 15.14.58

2016-03-03 15.15.11     2016-03-03 15.18.24

After an hour and having put my body in a variety of awkward and sometimes uncomfortable positions the dent was removed. Whilst not a 100% perfect repair in this case, we came very close!


A complex Ford car dent on this Titanium X S-Max rear quarter panel.  Great care and patience was required in order to successfully repair / manipulate the metal back into its original form without compromising the paintwork.

Repair  Time  2hrs 30 mins

Ford titanium x before ford titanium x after